Omaha Beach SLSC Inc

General Information


Please be familiar with key dates and training times, if unsure please ask anyone associated with the club and they will direct you to the junior committee if they are unable to help themselves.

All juniors sign on and sign off at the end of training to account for all children on the beach.

The club is not a child minding service and parents are required to be present while their child is on the beach. Parents must advise a designated guardian if they are unable to be present.


If you have any worries or concerns about the Junior Surf, please talk to the Coach or Manager first. If that doesn't solve the worry or concern, please see the Junior Surf Coordinator.


The following items are required each week:

  • Swimming togs / Towel

  • Safety vest

  • Rash vest or protective top

  • Water bottle

  • Sun block

  • Googles if required

  • Yellow safety vest required and can be purchased at a low cost

  • Omaha Cap required to be purchased at a low cost

  • Swimming gear policy – May wear lycra based swimwear and or light weight resistant shorts. If pockets are present they must be self-draining and leg length is to be no longer than mid thigh.


All juniors are required to wear a competition cap. This assists Coaches and Managers in identifying those in their care and parents in locating the Age Group on the beach.

Caps must be worn always while participating in the Sunday training program.

To buy safety gear, please pay via Kindo - You can add Omaha Beach SLSC to your existing Kindo account if you have one already. If you are not able to use Kindo, please email for an invoice option. These will also be available to purchase at the enrollment/open days and from 9:30am on the first couple of sessions. We have a small amount of loan gear available too.


A parent is required to be in attendance throughout the duration of the program. Parents should be prepared to be in the water to assist in activities and support children in extending swimming activities such as the 200m swim.

Exception to this Rule:

  • Where a parent(s) is involved as a Manager / coach with another group

  • On Lifesaving Patrol

  • Performing another active member role

The manager will mark a roll call during the warm up to ensure that the Parent / Caregiver is in attendance. The idea is to promote “Family Involvement” within surf life saving and to increase “Duty of Care”. Where a parent is a repeat offender of either not participating or disappearing after sign-on, they will be counselled by the Junior Surf Coordinator.


Our club colours are teal, blue and black. We hold limited stock of our club branded navy togs which are normally required for competition and will do a pre/early season order if the demand is there. Navy or black one piece togs for girls and fitted shorts or speedos for boys are acceptable for club training if sizes are unavailable. Baggy board shorts are not recommended.


Members of Seahorses, Stingrays, Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, and Marlins (ages 7-13) can compete at various interclub carnivals throughout the season. The carnivals are mostly participation carnivals designed to encourage children to experience different conditions & beaches test their skills and gain confidence. It is all part of the learning process. If your child is interested in competition this season please let your coach/manager know as soon as possible. See Competition and Carnivals section.


Fundraising and events are of course ongoing and critical to success of the club. Please get involved where you can.

For more information or if you are able to help email